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When Audrey was thirteen, she gave her foster parents the slip and stowed away on a ship called the Hunter-Gratzner. It was just her luck that the thing crashed out in the middle of nowhere. But sometimes Audrey has good luck, too, and there was a man on board the ship, Richard Riddick, who was willing and able to protect her. Of course he thought she was a boy named Jack -- or she thought he did -- but it was still really cool.

Not that it lasted, but nothing ever does in Audrey's life, so hey.

When Riddick disappeared on her in New Mecca, she took a good look around, decided she was in the totally wrong place for her temperament, and took a hike of her own. Because she's not a complete idiot, she didn't do something stupid like try to join a merc team, or even attempt to find Riddick. She just headed out and got on with her nomadic life.

Audrey seems to have a very bent guardian angel, because she has a tendency to end up in very dangerous situations only to somehow make it through unscathed. She's had to do a lot less than most runaways to survive, although she's still done a few things she's not proud of at all. Still, the kinds of things that'd really break a girl are things that have missed her. By narrow margins, sometimes, but they've missed her.

She's not exactly sure how much time has passed since the crash of the Hunter-Gratzner, or exactly how old she is now. She thinks she's probably somewhere near her eighteenth birthday. Could be a few months away from it, could be past it. In the world she's running in, it doesn't make any difference, so she doesn't really care much.

((This is an RPG journal from Audrey (aka Jack) of Pitch Black. The name Audrey comes from the original script and novelization. In her universe, The Chronicles of Riddick never happened and couldn't possibly happen because that kind of hoodoo doesn't exist. Not that she'll refuse to like associate with characters and alternates who've been through those events, but she'll know, right off, they're not from her world. Pitch Black is a Universal Studios film and I take no credit for the characters and events in it. I'm not making any money off this, so don't sue.))

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